The purpose of life

By the percepts of Kreutz Metaphysics, the ultimate purpose of a human life is to develop as much soul as possible, and this means to optimize one’s sexual experience.

This is different from other measurements of religious conformity. It doesn’t matter whether we are good or bad because being good doesn’t produce a better karma than being bad, and acceptance of the soul into a heaven, or its banishment into a hell doesn’t depend on whether rules of conventional religions are observed or not. Karma, or soul is the bundled accumulation of the sexual excitement and orgasmic paradise experienced in a person’s life.

This is obviously not to be confused with reproductive success. Reproductive success is measured as the number of offspring, over several generations. But soul building doesn’t require offspring in the physical world, and childlessness, under certain circumstances, can even be supportive of soul building.

Furthermore, the frequency, or overall number of sexual events, is not as relevant as is the degree of passion involved.

The use of sexual aides, pharmacological, visual, or otherwise, is not just permitted but may even be smart, as for soul building, it does not matter HOW sexual ecstasy is achieved. It only matters THAT it is achieved.

This, of course, not only justifies breaking up when the sexual potential of a relationship declines. It also justifies trespassing social and legal restrictions.