Testosterone – a second opinion

By Serge Kreutz

I have recently received a series of emails from a person who apparently has more experience with the use of testosterone for sexual enhancement than I do. That he does have more experience with testosterone is a direct result of his being able to affect sexual enhancement with testosterone medications, something I have so far not been able to achieve. The reader’s approach has been rather different from mine.

I read that you did not have good results with testosterone. Testosterone is better than the other things you research if used correctly. I recommend straight testosterone as it is natural and cheap. It is active orally, sublingually, or by injection, but I strongly recommend topically, either suspended in olive oil or any oil or in a gel or in alcohol. It can be rubbed on thin skin or mucous membrane in an area where it will not get rubbed off. One drop may suspend 2 to 4 mg. If you apply it about 2 to 4 times a day, in about 4 days you will notice being quite mentally horny and more spontaneous erections and more sexual fantasy and better performance. This desired state will only last a few days. Then it is desirable to stop for a few days and the whole procedure can work again. It is possible to take a couple drops per day continuously for somewhat constant more sexual arousal but with much less intense peaks. This works identically if not better for women but their dosage can be a bit less.

As you have learned of the erotic potential of jealousy, I suggest you learn the erotic potential in yourself when faced with a very horny woman (created by testosterone). There are some individual variations and other things you will notice but you can discover them all by using this information. Of course the user will also notice a sense of well-being, energy, confidence, and a little more strength and muscle.

In women after a month or two of continuous use, there will be a little more and darker hair coming in and perhaps a slight deepening of the voice and perhaps a bit of acne. At that point one may choose to continue or stop for a few weeks to let those effects subside. There will also be a noticeably bigger and more sensitive clitoris, which is perhaps the most wonderful effect of all.

Fortunately testosterone as a powder or in oil is very cheap. This sexual enhancer can be used compatibly with all your other enhancers. Unfortunately testosterone is a scheduled drug in the US but fairly easy to get by prescription for the mature man. Contrary to all the propaganda it is very safe. Do not hesitate to ask me if you need any more information or run into any problems with this. I guarantee you this will work.

I was very sad to learn from you that Amineptine does not really often create greater euphoria and sex drive and spontaneous orgasms. There is much more research to be done and I respect your effort to share your results. Experimenters in this area are fragmented and not in communication, which slows progress immensely. Briefly, I find that Yohimbine is mildly sexually enhancing but with notable side effects. Pfizer's Blue does work to promote ease of erection and staying hard much as the intracavernousally injectable Papaverine and Phentolamine Mesylate.

I find that GHB is a fine euphoric and sexual enhancer when used correctly. MDMA is the best enhancer for love, but GHB is usually better for sex. MDMA interferes with erection and orgasm a lot. The trick [with] MDMA is to be erect before the effects begin and then erection will be maintained without difficulty! You may be aware that MDMA is wonderful and nearly free of side effects at first and with use becomes downright awful in after-effects. It seems the chemists have not found a good way to control these after-effects.

Arginine is a mild sexual enhancer when taken an hour or more previous to sex. DMAE is similarly weak and can feel a bit adrenergic. Lecithin works but is mild. I have not yet experientially learned Bromocriptine or Apomorphine. I do like dopamine agonism for the euphoria and the sexual enhancement. I am not yet clear experient.