Rape has minimal potential to nurture one’s soul. And it’s not because it’s politically or morally correct not to consider rape.

Rape typically happens in a situation that lacks calmness. But a certain degree of calmness is essential for orgasmic energy to flow out of your body and into your soul.

Rape typically happens in a situation of time pressure. Other people may come to the rescue of the victim and lynch the perpetrator.

Furthermore, the victim may have a defence strategy that violently interrupts the rapist and put his life in danger.

And once it’s done, there is urgency to erase traces, and to escape.

A lack of calmness because of fear of external disturbances undermines your capability to prolong orgasmic radiation by just lying still.

While a soul-building rape situation could theoretically be imagined (a situation in which a victim is incapacitated and no punishment would have to be feared), to construct and pursue such situational settings is highly unfeasible in the modern world in which social and political powers penetrate every geographic corner of the world.

No, disciples of Kreutz Metaphysics are extremely unlikely to commit rape, or even just to molest.

And not just that. Disciples of Kreutz Metaphysics are even unlikely to engage in violent crime of any kind. Because violence begets violence, and requires to be on guard, a lifestyle of violent crime lacks in the opportunity to genuinely relax.

But relaxation in orgasm is essential if orgasmic energy is to flow out of one’s body and into one’s soul.