Metaphysics, including Kreutz Metaphysics, need mystic perceptions. Felt truth that is deeper and wider, and more engulfing than scientific truth.

Because scientific truth itself operates on reduced parameters. On natural laws that apply in our universe, on an interpretation of reality that relies on the human cognitive apparatus.

But simple logic indicates that an expanding universe like the one we live in can expand only within a larger space. So, obviously, there must be an outside-of-our-universe, and different natural laws must apply, because otherwise, there would be an endless sequence of spaces within spaces, which doesn’t make much sense as a concept of reality.

It’s an idea on which all branches of German Philosophy since Kant have grown: that we cannot think outside of our minds, and that all objective rationalism is just an organized interpretation of the narrow perspective for which the human mind is equipped. No man can leap beyond his shadow, because wherever you jump, your shadow is there before you.

You can throw rationalism into the garbage bin, or, alternatively, just don’t take it seriously.

You can liberate your mind in mysticism. Escape from the confinement of your brain, and just feel like a speechless orgasm. That is what Kreutz Religion is about.