Migraine? Consume more cheese!

By Serge Kreutz

It has been suspected for some time that particular foods can trigger migraine attacks… foods such as cheese, red wine, and chocolate. By the time I consulted those headache specialists at the Klinikum Grosshadern in Munich (end of the seventies) I have been told that I could try to avoid migraine headaches by not eating precisely these foods: cheese and chocolate.

I was not pleased with the advice that I should forgo cheese in particular. During the years in Munich, when I worked for a TV station, I was an ardent consumer of very Bavarian, strong-smelling, hearty cheeses. Actually they were the staple of my diet with some 300 to 400 grams a day.

The idea that my cheese consumption would trigger my migraine attacks seemed, at that time, so strange to me that I never took it seriously, even though I had clear indications to support the idea, as I know from hindsight.

Rather, for as long as I lived in Munich, I blamed the weather there for my headaches, which is common practice in Munich. I then thought this to be obvious because I suffered from migraines when in Munich but did not during my travels to Southeast Asia, which I first undertook every few months, and then every few weeks.

Of course, in Southeast Asia, the weather is different from Southern Bavaria. But apart from that, the food that has been available to me in Southeast Asia at that time was also very different. No cheese.

The migraines were a major reason why at the beginning of the eighties, I left Munich to settle in Southeast Asia.

With my income, it first didn’t work out so well in Southeast Asia. I may even say that I had a hard time for a few years. But I sure, too, didn’t have a headache problem. The migraine attacks ceased completely.

Until a few years later, when I was well established and again could indulge in cheese, even though Gorgonzola, Camembert, and Roquefort could only be bought at five-star hotels and at prices matching the prestige of the shopping environment.

My migraine attacks also returned in full force. Even though it is quite obvious to me now that they were caused by those generous servings of cheese, I was blind for that fact at the time the attacks reoccurred. This time around, I didn’t blame them on the weather, though. The weather in Southeast Asia is too different from Munich for that. Rather, I expected as culprit the stress of professional success.

My streak of good luck in business (the publishing trade) didn’t last long and I soon had to move to another country and start all over again. Gone were the income, the stress of being successful, the migraines, and the cheese platters.

That’s how I saw it then. Today I know that I should put it this way: Gone were the success, and the means to buy expensive selections of cheese, and, because of the modified diet, the migraine headaches.

It took another cycle of success, cheese, and migraine attacks until I finally realized their cause.

During the second Asian cycle of success, cheese, and migraine (beginning of the nineties), I came across a newspaper item in which it was reported that scientists now definitely linked cheese and migraine.

Actually, not just cheese, but any food with a high content of tyramine.

And now?

Now I consume any quantity of cheese, and I never have migraine attacks.

Because I had just one simple idea that solved my migraine problem, as well as a plethora of other health-related issues, including obesity, all at once.

This idea is that, just as we differentiate between relationships for pleasure and relationships for procreation, we ought to differentiate between food for pleasure and food for nutrition.

One technique we have to enjoy relationships penetration without unwanted pregnancies is to use a rubber bag to collect the male sperm so it will not reach and fertilize a female egg cell. It’s called a condom.

We can do exactly the same with food. After enjoying its textures and favors in the mouth, discard into a plastic bag, not your stomach.

Just as we can hinder sperm cells to cause pregnancies, we can hinder nutrients to cause obesity.

Nobody, absolutely nobody, has to be overweight. Everybody can be ideal weight, which is approximately body height in centimeters, minus 100, minus 10 percent, in kilogram.

If you want the figure of a ballet dancer, you may even go up to minus 15 percent. Definitely not more than that.

Easy to achieve.

Just follow the Serge Kreutz diet. Be very selective on what you swallow, but allow your mouth full taste satisfaction.

You can consume any amount of tyramine-laden cheese. Even if you are a migraineur. As long as you are kreutzing it.