Kreutz Metaphysics and physics

Physics has tried for centuries to come up with a formula or theory to explain it all. And it’s been a failure. Physics cannot explain the physical world. It cannot even explain time.

Spacetime is just a model to calculate light waves in space, and some phenomena of time. And quantum mechanics now suggests a practically infinite number of universes, even with their own laws of nature.

The problem is: physics puts the wrong matter at the center: matter, this is. But matter is just an unfolding construct. What really is at the center of the world, that is the topic of Kreutz Metaphysics. And it’s sexuality.

Sexuality is the dialectical principle which drives evolution and consciousness, and in cosmology it is the dialectical principle that answers why our universe hasn’t died of entropy.

Sexuality, as an accumulation of orgasmic experience, also is the only route by which our existence generates an immortal soul. And this is a privilege not of every human but only of those individuals who are highly successful in sexual endeavors. Kreutz Metaphysics is metaphysics, yes, but at least as true as modern physics. No Schroedinger’s Cat abstrusity.