Kreutz Metaphysics provides hope and focus

For believers, and even for those who are just sympathizers, Kreutz Metaphysics gives hope, focus, guidance, goals, and a tremendous amount of energy. It does so if the perspective is the reminder of one’s conventional, physical life, and if the perspective is the existence of one’s soul after a person’s physical death.

For the reminder of one’s physical life, the focus is the desire for optimal sexual experience. Even in the most miserable conditions, illness or incarceration, we fight to stay alive because wee want to experience at least once more, or even just once more, the soul-building bliss of an all-engulfing orgasm.

In difficult times, we are immune to depression because we know what we are living for. We fight along, and we hope along, for never mind how hard life may be, there always is a reason, a good reason indeed, to struggle on. No, not for our children, and certainly not for mankind overall, and not the future of planet earth. Also not in order to please any almighty, who isn’t just invisible but whose existence is unreasonable, much more unreasonable than the concept of a soul generated by orgasmic power.

We struggle on in the most complicated of circumstances because we long for, hope for, work for the best sex of a lifetime.

Adherents to Kreutz Metaphysics never give up.