Kreutz Metaphysic and jealousy

Every other metaphysics tells you that jealousy is bad. Most also tell you that sex is bad, an obstruction to salvation, paradise, or Nirvana.

They are all wrong, and Kreutz Metaphysics is right. On sex anyway. And on jealousy, too.

Jealousy is an enormous sexual reservoir. It’s just that so few people can properly handle instrumental jealousy. To be able to deal with, and benefit from jealousy, is part of the scripture of Kreutz Metaphysics.

There are two distinct functions of jealousy. We operate jealousy on ourselves in order to enhance sexual excitement, an endeavor not just for lust but of metaphysical dimension, as it builds our eternal soul.

And we use it on others in order to install jealous love in their hearts. Jealous love, which is the most intense love, the only love which is real passion.

And the tools? For both applications of jealousy, the most appropriate tools are verbal.

To install jealous love, we talk about our sexual past, and about our sexual desires, and how good they were and are. This remains below the threshold at which a sexual partner would feel cheated because anyway, we are not currently involved with somebody else. But jealousy will creep up all the same, and it will evolve into passionate love.

And how do we enhance our own sexual potential? It is the same technique in reverse. Instead of doing the talking, we just listen. Let our partner reveal her past, or her most secret fantasies. Then wait a few days. Our thoughts will circle around what we heard, in endless loops. And usually, even though we know that it is trickery, jealousy will result.