Why absolutely nothing beats chocolate for weight loss

By Serge Kreutz

Chocolate is the world’s foremost weight loss food.

You will lose weight with any food if you are kreutzing it.

But if you are kreutzing chocolate, I can assure you that you will lose weight in record time.

The reason for this amazing phenomena lies in the fact that for no other food in the world, the proportion of oral and gastric satisfaction is tilted so strongly in favor of the oral side.

The composition of fatty and sweet components in milk chocolate (“dutched chocolate” by industry term) is simply ideal. The chocolate fat dissolves in the mouth better than any other creamy substance. It just melts and liquefies in the correct time span.

Compare this, for example, with commercial hazelnut creams, manufactured on a hydrogenized vegetable oil base. That one starts out softer than chocolate.

But chocolate melts into a complete liquid in about a minute, and it flows freely in the mouth.

But hazelnut cream on a vegetable oil base will melt slower, and stick to the linings of your mouth much longer.

Or compare chocolate to jam. Even the best jam just has a sweet texture, never the creamy feel of chocolate (unless you use the jam as a topping on chocolate).

And so far, I have only referred to textures. But of course, the aroma of chocolate is also unmatched.

Now, to understand the idea that kreutzing chocolate is ideal for weight loss, you first have to know that the Serge Kreutz diet differentiates between oral cravings and gastric cravings for food.

Yes, there are gastric cravings for food. The gastric and upper intestinal walls are dotted with neural receptors that recognize whether there is content or not.

If there is content, hormonal processes are stimulated that further down regulate bowels expulsion, and further up signals that no additional food needs to be ingested.

Yes, an empty stomach causes feelings of hunger.

But that’s only half of the story. Or actually, less than half.

Because our cravings for food only to a very small extent originate from our digestive system downwards the throat.

More than anything else, our cravings for food originate on the mouth-brain axis.

There are no taste receptors from the esophagus on. If human cravings for food were mainly a matter of the stomach, we could all be eating nothing but tapioca silage, just like hogs, though more carefully formulated to supply the right proportions of all macro and micro nutrients.

That such a scenario is so off the mark of all projections of the future of humanity proves the high percentage at which food cravings are related to taste sensations.

Your oral cravings for food is what you have to cope with on a weight loss regimen, and all other diets fail because they cannot dissociate oral food consumption from gastric, intestinal, and (if you wish to dissect the truth that far) anal food consumption.

Only if you are kreutzing food instead of subscribing to all that Atkins and South Beach and North Beach quackery, you have a scientific awareness of the psychological and nutritional effects of food. And this awareness really is all you ever need to never be obese, but forever ideal weight.

And because no other food matches the oral satisfaction that can be derived from chocolate, chocolate, of course, and loads of it, is the ideal weigh-loss food.

If you are kreutzing chocolate, that is… instead of eating it conventionally.