The importance of vaginal tightness

Most women greatly underestimate the importance, vaginal tightness has for the optimal male sexual experience. But actually, many "alternative" sexual practices or preferences clearly are a (although sometimes futile) male search for a tight penile feeling.

Some men deviate to anal sex because the anal ring, at least, is tighter than the vaginal opening. It's not an ideal alternative, however, because the anal ring might be tight ok, but what comes beyond it has even less grip than a vagina that has given multiple births.

However, what men search for is not just the feeling of tightness but also the idea of tightness. And the idea of tightness is closely connected to a female pain sensation. Tightness around the penis is not just felt on the penis itself but also associated with the feedback a man gets during love-making from his female partner. So, if it hurts her, or at least, if she shows a face of being in pain, and utters according words, a man associates that it must be tight, and derives pleasure even if he doesn't feel the tightness so much on his sexual organ.

There are two sexual settings that are highly arousing to a large number of men, and both are alternative sexual preferences in search of tightness.

The one are defloration settings, and the other are rape settings.

Many men consider defloration settings highly arousing not because they want to initiate a lifelong sexual relationship with a particular partner, and not because they would be worried that a non-virgin is afflicted with a venereal disease. As a matter of fact, many men would be happy to have a new virgin every other week, and in Islam, a never ending supply of virgins is the male idea of paradise.

So what is the attraction of virgins? It all comes down to vaginal tightness during sexual intercourse. To squeeze one's penis into a tight opening, which nevertheless is lubricated, simply is an unmatched experience for any man. It makes so much of an impression on his mind and memory that a man will be much more likely to enter a lifelong union with a woman who has provided him this sensation of ideal (under-)lubricated tightness for even just a few times.

Rape settings have a similar, albeit less dramatic impact on a man's sexual wiring. Many men in entirely consensual sexual relationships, including marriages, can derive pleasure from the idea of "taking" the woman. "Taking" implies that she is unprepared for sexual intercourse, and void of the primary pleasure killer during penetration, which is excessive lubrication.

Much of SM sexual play aims at this ultimate pleasure: vaginal tightness during intercourse. A girl or woman is "taken" against her will, or degraded (though only in sexual play), and thus not physically prepared to permit penetration. "Not physically prepared" means nothing else but: narrow and only minimally lubricated. Thus, a man who inserts his penis into her vagina, presumably against her will, will either feel the ultimate pleasure of vaginal tightness, or at least associate it with the situation in which he has intercourse.

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