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Singapore – Asian fake medicines, fake herbals hub

BBC UK news - fake Pfizer’s Blue

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Singapore is the Asian hub from where fake medicines and fake herbals are distributed all over the world, both wholesale and retail, and in conventional trade and over the Internet. This situation has been reflected extensively in the media. As has been indicated in the BBC coverage shown below, production facilities are usually in China, while the marketing is done in Singapore (where English and Chinese is spoken).

There are too many sources that attest to Singapore being the Asian hub for fake medicines and fake herbals to include them all here. I have collected a few more on a separate page, see here.

Just one more reference, to a multi-million pound case that also was connected to Singapore.

Flintshire news fake drugs scam

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Flintshire news drugs scam part2

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The Singaporean government agency in charge for attempts to stop the flood, the Health Sciences Authority, in a single sweep from 25 September to 2 October 2012, netted more than 13,000 fake products.

HSA siezes adulterated products

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13,000 products is an amazingly high figure.

And what happened next? Where are the criminal charges?

Not that the 13,000 products sweep was an isolated event. In the past few years, the Health Sciences Authority has ordered products off the shelves of shops in Singapore many times, as reported by the HSA itself on numerous occasions.

Here just some examples of how these press releases are written, and how they are symbolic for how lenient Singapore treats drug faking.

HSA press release

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HSA May 16 Updates

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HSA May 17 Updates

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The Singaporean attitude is hard to believe. Here you have people getting killed by swallowing potent poisons that have been sold as herbals or medicines, and the proposed press coverage only refers to the HSA trying to get that shit from the shelves of drugstores.

Selling fake medicines and herbals to people who die after taking them, is MURDER, plain and simple.

They don’t properly understand this in Singapore, which is probably why that shit is trans-shipped from China to Singapore before it arrives on Western markets.

There are too many press releases on fake medicines in Singapore to present here. Therefore again a separate page with a few more, see here.

Faking drugs is a serious crime. Here you have gangsters who are playing Russian roulette with the health of unsuspecting ill people, many of them elderly patients.

Well, the Health Sciences Authority is not a police agency. Their core personnel are laboratory scientists and so, the fakers of medicines and herbals are not impressed and not afraid. At worst, products are banned and a little while late, they are back on the market, under a new name.

Anyway, Singapore is Singapore, and business is business.

The problem goes back to a time when Singapore was a poor Third World country, and there was really only one political objective: to make the country rich as soon as possible. And the key was free trade.

Trade is more restricted now for some things. No cheap fuel, alcohol, or cigarettes. Value-added tax. Public hygiene is a high priority. But for the pharmacy and drugstore business, it’s the same Wild West as ever. The shelves of even large drugstore chains are full of dubious stuff, disguised as herbals (including tongkat ali).

Singapore, as is commonly known, will execute people for possession amounts of marijuana (a physician-prescribed herbal in an increasing number of places) that in many other countries are personal use quantities…. so people get executed, or at least severely punished, for something they do to their own bodies. But those who sell fake medicines that kill other people worldwide, do not even get properly investigated.

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