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Physical improvement with tongkat ali

The information below has been provided by a user of 1:50 tongkat ali extract. The name, email address, telephone number, and physical address of the author are known to us. If you are a journalist covering tongkat ali, or a scientific researcher, we can provide full contact details so that you can contact the author for further information as well as to verify the reported effects of tongkat ali.

“Hello Serge, I really appreciate your advice here. Thank you again, I will try “sour” based fruit drinks in the morning. After several months of Tongkat Ali I am starting to really enjoy the physical improvements here. TKA is a real blessing; being totally disabled from advanced, degenerative joint disease. I am feeling like a “new man!” Just fantastic! By “cycle” are you referring to the dosage periods of ten days on, five days off? I did not quite understand this, or is it twenty days on, five days off? Or is it different for body building, or sex purposes? (I want both) Also, how would you store tka short term, long term? Really appreaciate your experienced opinions here! Thanks again”


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