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Sexual enhancement with the ultimate trial set

On the other hand, every man is different. The task is to enhance weak aspects of sexuality. To know exactly what kind of enhancement works best for a particular man, there is no other way than try all options once, one by one, and then determine what works best.

For this purpose, we offer a trial set that includes reduced retail quantities of every product, plus some samples of unprocessed material.

The following is part of the set:

Testosterone - Libido Formula, 1 bottle (100 caps @ 300 mg)

Butea superba, 1:120 extract, 1 bottle (100 caps @ 300 mg)

Kaempferia parviflora (krachai dam), 1:30 extract, 1 bottle (100 caps @ 300 mg)

Boesenbergia rotunda (ton krachai), 1:30 extract, 1 bottle (100 caps @ 300 mg)

Thai tongkat ali, 1:200 extract, 1 bottle (100 caps @ 300 mg)

Total: 328.50 US dollars

The six products should be consumed one after the other at increasing dosages, so a man will know exactly on what product he reacts best. The suggested trial sequence is: libido formula, boesenbergia rotunda, butea superba, kaempferia parviflora, Thai tongkat ali