Commercial sex establishments

While I believe that making use of the services of prostitutes is clearly inferior compared to having sexual intercourse in a love-based sexual relationship, the sexual experience is bound to be even worse if the contact with a prostitute happens within or through the arrangements of a commercial sex establishment.

The reason is that when a sexual contact happens in or through a commercial sex establishment a third party is involved: the owner of the commercial sex establishment (in primitive settings just the pimp). The interest of this third party always is to maximize his profit. In order to achieve this, he will take care that a) no customer is turned down, b) a customer is served as swiftly as possible, and c) a customer spends as much money as possible.

The sex available through commercial sex establishments becomes all the worse the richer a country.

The richer a country, the more will commercial sex establishments be garnished with accessories (all added in order to increase the value of the transactions). In poor countries, a commercial sex establishment may

The richer a country, the "nicer" the surrounding. Brothels in rich countries are equipped with nice rooms, plus modern bathrooms, and they are furnished.

In rich countries, the commercial sex establishments typically are located in zones that fetch the highest rents.

In rich countries, commercial sex establishments run at a high financial overhead, and this puts pressure on the owner of a commercial sex establishment, as well as on the prostitutes, to have a maximum of commercial transactions within a given period. "Time is money!"

While sex in or through commercial sex establishments is inferior to sex in love-based sexual relationships in poor societies, the fact that there is an additional element of time pressure in the commercial sex establishments of rich countries makes the experience even worse.

The existence of commercial sex establishments anywhere is counterproductive for men who pursue optimal sex.

This is the case because, where commercial sex establishments exist, comparatively "easy" girls and young women may be drawn towards them, as these establishments provide girls and young women with an direct opportunity to cash in on their "easy" attitude; but once they are involved with commercial sex establishments, sexual encounters with them are of an inferior kind.

If commercial sex establishment were non-existent in their environment, then the same girls and young women would probably just look for rich boyfriends. Sex with them would be a much better experience. Because the process of entering a sexual relationship would not be industrialized as it is when it happens through commercial sex establishments, they will not have sexual contacts as indiscriminately as it would be in or through commercial sex establishments. This will preserve many of the positive elements of a sexual encounter with them, even if the girls or young women have financial interests.

I have analyzed in a different context that often, societies as they become wealthier, do not necessarily provide a better quality of life. They don't, because in many ways, wealthy societies become desexualized. That even commercial sex is worse in rich societies, compared to poor societies, is just another aspect.

Actually, the poorer a society, the more likely it is that commercial sex establishments are less developed (though many of them may exist; it's just that each of them isn't as developed as commercial sex establishments in rich countries).

Because in poorer countries, men have less money, a commercial sex industry in which customers can be blatantly ripped off, has less chances to develop. It may sound funny, but in poor countries, the commercial sex industry is somehow more honest. Girls and young women in commercial sex establishments typically have fewer customers (maybe just 1 or 2 a day, compared to 10 to 20 in rich countries), and more men are more likely to achieve better satisfaction.

The point is: for a sexual relationship to be satisfying, even if the relationship starts right away with sexual intercourse, it is essential that the two parties involved have time for each other. And that's exactly what is minimized in commercial sex establishments in rich countries. The third party involved (the owner of the commercial sex establishment, or the pimp) will take care of that.

I am not personally in favor of commercial sex establishments, certainly not in rich countries, and not even in poor countries. But I know a good number of Western men, who frequent commercial sex establishments in poor countries, but have no inclination to do so in their home countries.

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