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Kreutz Metaphysics, science, and knowledge

By Serge Kreutz

Kreutz Metaphysics is never contrary to science. Actually, Kreutz Metaphysics is a logical extension of science.

How much does science know about the world? You may think science knows a lot if you compare current knowledge with what stone age humans knew, or with what your cat knows.

Science is knowledge about cause and effect. Everything has a cause, and everything is an effect.

And compared to what we understand and know, the amount of what we don’t understand, and what we do not know, is so much larger that we may well recognize that we know almost nothing.

You need intuition to sense that the amount of knowledge that we have not yet acquired is millions of magnitudes greater than the knowledge that is with us already. As of this time, science cannot measure intuitive quantities. Science will have a long way to go before that.

Science needs intuition. Intuition is what got Einstein started on the theory of relativity. And intuition, which is a product of intelligence, has been the starting point for a large body of insights that are now considered to be standard scientific fact.

Science needs intuition, and apart from that, science needs hypotheses. Hypotheses are assumptions on how some causes and some effects may be interrelated.

You can think of Kreutz Metaphysics as an hypothesis on how optimal sexual desire of an individual human being, and optimal orgasmic release in an individual human being, creates an entity which we name karma, and which is an energy that is more than just imagination, and which is a force that one day we will be able to measure, in units of some form (this orgasm had a strength of how many kreutz), and not just observe as positive effect on a person’s degree of satisfaction and happiness, or as a positive effect on a person’s immune system and overall health.

Kreutz Metaphysics is s hypothesis, based on intuition. On a sense that reality is so much more than what modern science has so far discovered. A hypothesis doesn’t have to be right in every detail. In fact, it may even be wrong. But a hypothesis is a necessary starting point. And in the case of Kreutz Metaphysics, the hypothesis is that sexual desire and sexual satisfaction is so much more than what we know today. That they create a karma that transcends human individual existence, and which, in a multitude of universes, the multiverse, or omniverse, may put the mind of each of us on a path for a pleasant universe, instead of an universe of torment which, mathematically, would be more likely.