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3.2.2 Optimal sex A possible metaphysical necessity for optimal sex

Kreutz Metaphysics

Kreutz Metaphysics is a sequence to Kreutz Ideology for those inclined to a more metaphysical approach to life.

Kreutz Metaphysics assumes that the human existence produces karma. Karma is a spiritual quality, as is the idea of a soul, but the two are not the same.

A soul is something breathed into a human by a god, and it leaves a body when a person dies.

Karma, on the other hand, is a more malleable quantity, something that depends on a person’s deeds, and which can change from day to day.

The world is full with products with characteristics that go beyond what physics can measure. Radio waves, for example, have characteristics for which physics have no appropriate scale of measurement. Physics can measure frequencies and wave lengths, just as it can measure the intensity and variations of human speech.

But there are boundaries to the explanations that physics can offer. Physics has a hard time to qualify the meaning of language, or the impact radio waves can have for the information they carry.

It’s banalism to deny that the human existence, or the human body, or language, produces something that goes far beyond that what physics can measure, and which is defined as metaphysics.

Now, metaphysical products of human life clearly persist beyond the time span of a person’s existence, and it’s not just that the ashes of a physical process transfer minerals to other processes.

The impact of human products encoded as language (or in more general terms: as meaning) on human generations far in the future is hard to measure with the instruments of physics, to say the least.

However, the above reasoning is just an example to sensitize readers for the idea that metaphysics are real.

Language is a crucial element of religions. All major religions propagate on power that is encoded as texts. But Kreutz Metaphysics, and traditional religions, go beyond the Word.

Like some traditional religions, Kreutz Metaphysics states that the human existence produces karma, an entity that origins in the physical existence of a person, and separates itself from the body to be something else, with physical attributes that physics at this time cannot measure or capture.

A cross relationship with ideas elaborated by German philosophy, as well as multiverse theories, is assumed and will be elaborated.


Kreutz Metaphysics and gods or God

Life is a result of self-replicating molecules (RNA or structurally simpler nucleotide acids) with an intrinsic tendency to form ever more complex structures. This is plain chemistry. Given appropriate conditions, the occurrence of life is not accidental but a definite certainty. Because self-replicating and self-organizing molecules do just that: replicate and organize and replicate and organize, resulting in ever more complicated structures.

Sexuality, too, is an expression of the self-replication of molecules.

Even primitive organisms, like the roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans, consisting of just about 1000 cells, of which some 300 make up a nervous system, has it all, including a drive to eat, a drive to avoid destruction, and most of all, a pronounced sex drive.

Sexual motivation, based on the self-replication and self-organization of large carbon molecules, is the defining component of life.

Self-replicating and self-organizing large carbon molecules result in ever more complex patterns. And from a certain level of complexity onwards there are consciousness, self-consciousness, and self-cognition.

It’s a gradual occurrence. Worms probably have none of the three, and low vertebrate forms of life have it a little, and a few birds like the Hawaiian crow and Australian cockatoos, and primates, and dolphins, and elephants, have clear and quantifiable consciousness and self-consciousness.

But consciousness and self-consciousness, as grandiose they may appear to us, are not the defining element of life. Self-replication is.

Consciousness is a result of a complex pattern architecture with self-reference. Mathematical functions, so to say. Strange loops, they have been named. It’s quite plausible that computers may develop consciousness. They will easily surpass humans in the fields of knowledge, memory, and logic.

But they don’t have motivation. They still just execute programs. They are but tools, they are extensions of carbon-based life which created them for a competitive edge. They aren’t life in themselves.

And humans are not the final stage of the evolution of carbon-based life. Furthermore, evolution accelerates, it doesn’t slow down.

There will be humans, or super-humans, or post-humans, with much longer life-spans and much greater mental powers than the legacy wetware which current humans are.

If it hasn’t happened yet outside the the earth’s habitat, or on a different layer of the earth’s biotope that is outside the perceptive potential of humans, then the appearance and existence of gods is a logical consequence of evolution, and ultimately the result of carbon-centered molecules and their inherent self-organization into ever more complex patterns.

That the evolution of gods wouldn’t have happened yet is actually a very low probability, but maybe it’s true indeed that humans are the most advanced stage of evolution in our universe. That the probability of this is so small, lends credibility to the multiverse theory.

One way or the other, humans are a transient stage of evolution which logically must lead to gods, or maybe just one, who has or will have originated from carbon-centered self-replicating molecules.

Evolution on earth advances exponentially on a logarithmic scale. In a few thousand years, humans, or the gods that are the next step of evolution, have such immense capabilities that limitations to their power are much less defining than they are for current legacy wetware. The logic of forward-advancing time may be just one of the constraints that will be overcome.

And even though the origins of gods, or just one, are or will have been, carbon-centered molecules, gods obviously will have done away with with dirty metabolism long before having evolved as gods.

Much more likely than this being a scenario of the future, it is that, though in other universes, carbon-based evolution has passed the stage of humanity, and, quite possibly with the aide of conscious computers, achieved a transformation into gods, or just one.

They, or he, may be toying with our universe, and send a prophet every now and then.


Humans and gods

In old religions like Hinduism, or the religions of ancient Greek, there are many gods. Huge numbers, occasionally. And there are ghosts. And what these gods and ghosts have in common is their, albeit moderated, human appearance. Ganesh has an elephant trunk, and centaurs have the four legs of horses.

But they are recognizably mirroring human physiques.

Abrahamic religions claim that God created humans, somehow in his image (Genesis 1:27).

Then Marx, an expert in turning things the other way around (as he did with Hegel) proclaimed that humans created gods as a tool to rule.

He didn’t mean that literally, as he thought gods were products of fantasy.

But sometimes biologists have a better understanding of the horizons of production than do economists.

Take a view on evolution, and how it accelerates. Isn’t the progress of agriculture, of industrial production, of information technology as rapid first in a thousand years, then a century, then a decade, as stone age progress has been in hundreds of thousands of millenia. It took a billion years for life to organize its most basic form from self-replicating molecules, and three billion years to progress from single cell to multicellular organisms, but from realizing that the earth is a planet circling the sun to exporting humans to other planets, it’s just a few hundred years.

If development and evolution progress with ever accelerating speed, it’s just a matter of time until humans will possess all the attributes of those gods in Hinduism and Hellas.


The future of time travel, and this is how it will be done

Contrary to what Einstein proclaimed, time is not an illusion. The linearity of time may actually be the only constant of physics accross multiple universes.

Time travel nevertheless is a reality. But not with a technology that would propel matter at velocities faster than the speed of light. Because matter desintegrates long before it moves that fast.

On the other hand, information is really comfortable at that rate of movement. Because information in every computer travels at the speed of electricity, which is the speed of light.

Time travel doesn’t move matter backwards on a scale of linearity. Time travel resolves matter into information and transfers it to a current position.

A peculiarity of time is that while monodirectional linear, it is of endless width. The number of events that can happen simultaneously is unlimited.

So, whenever time travel copies and reconstructs a reality of the past based entirely on information for the time traveler to be inserted, this then creates a parallel now, with its own future, in its own universe.

To answer Stephen Hawkins question as to where the tourists from the future are: well, time travel isn’t round trip journeys. Once a past time that has been recaptured and transformed in a present time, in its new universe, the time traveler cannot normally be aware of a future in the universe from where he departed, and he can’t go back there. Rather, the new parallel universe has its own future. No grandfather paradox here.

However, for humans who already have arrived in the future, traveling to the past may not be an attractive option. What would that be good for? Sightseeing? There are better technologies for this purpose, with predictable outcome, such as 3D history tours. Time travel into the past robs any individual of the amenities of the future, including time travel technologies.

But at the core, time travel is the same as modifying the past for a better present. Not as Orwellian propaganda, but for real.

Because any time the past is modified, the presence is a new bubble universe, with its own, distinct future.


Kreutz Religion and universes

It’s not just that you and me, we live in the same universe. We, you and me, too, are separate universes in ourselves, hosting a plethora of organisms and phenomena.

Organisms for which each of us are an universe, or biome, that is as diverse as earth is outside ourselves. Not just viruses, bacteria, and fungi, but also events of nature. And like galaxies, the biomes we call humans do have a death.

Isn’t it funny, from the perspective of viruses and bacteria, that they live in a universe that has consciousness?

And why should this funniness not also apply on a larger scale. How can we be sure that we ourselves do not live in a larger dimension which has its own consciousness.

It’s logically obvious that the physical universe in which the earth circles the sun, isn’t the whole world, and cannot be the only universe. Our universe has set points of time and space, the big bang, and is traveling on a time axis, and steadily expanding. This can be observed and measured.

But plain logic dictates that a start point of time can only exist when there has been time before the start point, and space can only expand within space. Thus, our universe, from the big bang until now, can only be a small part of a larger world, one of an unlimited number of universe. The number of universes must be unlimited because this is the only mathematical construct that escapes the logic that deliminated space can only be in larger space.

Microorganisms for which humans are a biome have no means of being aware that they live in an environment that has feelings and consciousness, even though many of these feelings, and even human consciousness are modified by them and result in specific behaviors, and even accompanying rationalizations.

As a striking example, dogs afflicted with rabies bite, even if previously, they were docile like sheep. This behavior, of course, is what the virus needs for its own survival, long beyond that dog is dead.

And why will humans, when they have a cold, likely sneeze. The most plausible explanation is that it’s helpful for viruses to get from one biome, or universe, to the next.

Humans are proud of their free will because they don’t grasp the extent to which their behaviors, and their thoughts, are manipulated by the populace within them.

Humans think of human sexuality as a means of human reproduction. But beyond that, human sexual intercourse is also the preferred avenue for a large number of microorganisms to secure their own prevalence.

And these microorganisms have the distinct evolutionary advantage of a generational turnover rate measured in minutes, not decades.

In line with this train of thought, the jury is still out on whether or not a particular strain of herpes wouldn’t be the must efficient treatment of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or low libido.

And if humans ever will succeed to expand their individual lifespans to 500 or 1000 years, infecting individuals with appropriate strains of microorganisms may just be the right technology.

From the perspective of the living beings within us, we, each of us, are an environment. Microorganisms within us have no means to realize that we humans are entities who generate feelings, art, and philosophies, even though these microorganisms do shape our feelings, and ultimately, our ideologies and religions. From the perspective of these microorganisms, they just modify a material world, which happens to be we.

But if microorganisms can produce human behavior, and, ultimately, what we consider rational explanations for such behavior, it is not inconceivable that human behavior on its part also generates something that is as distant from human everyday behavior as human libido may appear distant from the evolutionary advantage-taking of the herpes virus.

And this justifies the perception that human orgasmic release generates karma which is there, somewhere, outside and beyond our physical existence.


Kreutz Metaphysics and physics

Physics has tried for centuries to come up with a formula or theory to explain it all. And it’s been a failure. Physics cannot explain the physical world. It cannot even explain time.

Spacetime is just a model to calculate light waves in space, and some phenomena of time. And quantum mechanics now suggests a practically infinite number of universes, even with their own laws of nature.

The problem is: physics puts the wrong matter at the center: matter, this is. But matter is just an unfolding construct. What really is at the center of the world, that is the topic of Kreutz Metaphysics. And it’s sexuality.

Sexuality is the dialectical principle which drives evolution and consciousness, and in cosmology it is the dialectical principle that answers why our universe hasn’t died of entropy.

Sexuality, as an accumulation of orgasmic experience, also is the only route by which our existence generates an immortal soul. And this is a privilege not of every human but only of those individuals who are highly successful in sexual endeavors. Kreutz Metaphysics is metaphysics, yes, but at least as true as modern physics. No Schroedinger’s Cat abstrusity.


The essence of Kreutz Metaphysics

Good sex generates good karma. Good karma generates good health and good luck.

It’s up to personal taste whether one wants to believe that karma (a rule of cause and effect) is just within a person, or radiates into the ether, or the cosmos, and whether it transcends, or does not, beyond one’s death.

But anyway, good karma is the result of good sex.

With religion, it’s the same as with love. Some people need it, some people don’t. Both of them, you can dissect, and arrive at the opinion that they are illusions, just illusions.

This doesn’t, however, capture and preserve what love and religion can give us.

Which is: a feeling of sense.

You may say, there is none.

OK, quite possibly there is none.

There is also no reason to be alive.

Sure, go and kill yourself.

But that doesn’t work either.

We are genetically not primed for suicide, and we are genetically primed for love.

And we may as well be primed to believe in something that transcends our physical existence. A kind of religion, so to say.

Kreutz Metaphysics is minimalistic, but it fulfills its purpose of conveying a sense of sense.

Don’t need it? Don’t believe it. But go for good sex anyway.


What produces a soul

The idea that human behavior during a standard physical existence produces or modifies a soul is embedded in all major religions. The concepts of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are almost identical. In Hinduism and Buddhism, it’s karma.

When religions become political tools, soul-positive behaviors typically gets defined as a behavior that pleases rulers, ruling cliques, or ruling classes. Obviously, such definitions are tainted, or simply false.

On the other hand, it is not far-fetched to assume that any conduct that reproduces physical human existence also creates, grows, and enhances a human soul.

Thus, Kreutz Metaphysics teaches the belief that sexual conduct in general, and, more specifically, optimal orgasms are the principal soul-positive events in any person’s life.

Human bodies vanish for certain. The optimal sex a person has experienced during his or her lifetime swings in space, quite possibly in its own multiverse edition, eternally.

The agenda of adherents to Kreutz Metaphysics thus is obvious: optimize your sexual experience, with far-reaching disregard for the consequences this may have on one’s own physical existence, or social conventions, or public morals, or human societies, or mankind overall.

Because only your karma, your accumulation of optimal sex, will exist for eternity.


Kreutz Metaphysics, science, and knowledge

Kreutz Metaphysics is never contrary to science. Actually, Kreutz Metaphysics is a logical extension of science.

How much does science know about the world? You may think science knows a lot if you compare current knowledge with what stone age humans knew, or with what your cat knows.

Science is knowledge about cause and effect. Everything has a cause, and everything is an effect.

And compared to what we understand and know, the amount of what we don’t understand, and what we do not know, is so much larger that we may well recognize that we know almost nothing.

You need intuition to sense that the amount of knowledge that we have not yet acquired is millions of magnitudes greater than the knowledge that is with us already. As of this time, science cannot measure intuitive quantities. Science will have a long way to go before that.

Science needs intuition. Intuition is what got Einstein started on the theory of relativity. And intuition, which is a product of intelligence, has been the starting point for a large body of insights that are now considered to be standard scientific fact.

Science needs intuition, and apart from that, science needs hypotheses. Hypotheses are assumptions on how some causes and some effects may be interrelated.

You can think of Kreutz Metaphysics as an hypothesis on how optimal sexual desire of an individual human being, and optimal orgasmic release in an individual human being, creates an entity which we name karma, and which is an energy that is more than just imagination, and which is a force that one day we will be able to measure, in units of some form (this orgasm had a strength of how many kreutz), and not just observe as positive effect on a person’s degree of satisfaction and happiness, or as a positive effect on a person’s immune system and overall health.

Kreutz Metaphysics is s hypothesis, based on intuition. On a sense that reality is so much more than what modern science has so far discovered. A hypothesis doesn’t have to be right in every detail. In fact, it may even be wrong. But a hypothesis is a necessary starting point. And in the case of Kreutz Metaphysics, the hypothesis is that sexual desire and sexual satisfaction is so much more than what we know today. That they create a karma that transcends human individual existence, and which, in a multitude of universes, the multiverse, or omniverse, may put the mind of each of us on a path for a pleasant universe, instead of an universe of torment which, mathematically, would be more likely.


The purpose of life

By the percepts of Kreutz Metaphysics, the ultimate purpose of a human life is to develop as much soul as possible, and this means to optimize one’s sexual experience.

This is different from other measurements of religious conformity. It doesn’t matter whether we are good or bad because being good doesn’t produce a better karma than being bad, and acceptance of the soul into a heaven, or its banishment into a hell doesn’t depend on whether rules of conventional religions are observed or not. Karma, or soul is the bundled accumulation of the sexual excitement and orgasmic paradise experienced in a person’s life.

This is obviously not to be confused with reproductive success. Reproductive success is measured as the number of offspring, over several generations. But soul building doesn’t require offspring in the physical world, and childlessness, under certain circumstances, can even be supportive of soul building.

Furthermore, the frequency, or overall number of sexual events, is not as relevant as is the degree of passion involved.

The use of sexual aides, pharmacological, visual, or otherwise, is not just permitted but may even be smart, as for soul building, it does not matter HOW sexual ecstasy is achieved. It only matters THAT it is achieved.

This, of course, not only justifies breaking up when the sexual potential of a relationship declines. It also justifies trespassing social and legal restrictions.


Sacred sex

Sexuality isn’t entertainment. Entertainment is shallow, but sexuality is deep.

Sexuality also isn’t family life though that one is better than entertainment. But family life is every day, it is ordinary. But good sexuality is extraordinary.

Sexuality isn’t about health, not about the homeostasis of body and mind. Health is only a conducive environment for sexual processes. Health itself isn’t a destination.

Religion is the only dimension​ that captures the relevancy of sexuality. Sexuality is sacred, and doing it is religious service.



Metaphysics, including Kreutz Metaphysics, need mystic perceptions. Felt truth that is deeper and wider, and more engulfing than scientific truth.

Because scientific truth itself operates on reduced parameters. On natural laws that apply in our universe, on an interpretation of reality that relies on the human cognitive apparatus.

But simple logic indicates that an expanding universe like the one we live in can expand only within a larger space. So, obviously, there must be an outside-of-our-universe, and different natural laws must apply, because otherwise, there would be an endless sequence of spaces within spaces, which doesn’t make much sense as a concept of reality.

It’s an idea on which all branches of German Philosophy since Kant have grown: that we cannot think outside of our minds, and that all objective rationalism is just an organized interpretation of the narrow perspective for which the human mind is equipped. No man can leap beyond his shadow, because wherever you jump, your shadow is there before you.

You can throw rationalism into the garbage bin, or, alternatively, just don’t take it seriously.

You can liberate your mind in mysticism. Escape from the confinement of your brain, and just feel like a speechless orgasm. That is what Kreutz Religion is about.


Health and hygiene

No other metaphysics of the world is as concerned about health and hygiene as is Kreutz Metaphysics. Because your power to generate and nurture a soul that is prosperous beyond your lifetime depends directly on your capability to enjoy sexual intercourse.

This capability is greatly impacted by any health-related issue. If you are sick, you are not in the mood. And if the hygienic facilities of your place of dwelling are unsatisfactory, and if your own hygienic situation doesn’t allow proper cleaning and grooming, or if the hygienic standards of your partner are below par, your sex will not be optimal, and your intercourse will contribute little, if anything, to your soul.

Soul-building sexual conduct is not about quickly relieving ejaculatory pressure. It is about letting your mind flow in sexual excitement, about getting lost in fantasies, until a point where an immense force overcomes you, a pulsating orgasm that radiates waves over waves, even though you just lie still.

Many things have to be optimal before such a climax. Most certainly, you do not want to be distracted by health problems, or disturbed by the odors or sights of a lack of personal hygiene on the part of your partner.

Kreutz Metaphysics is not ascetic, it’s the opposite. Kreutz Metaphysics is about indulging in sensual heights, or depths, which is the same. But because this requires optimal health, and because for optimal health, the trick lies more in what you avoid than in what you do, Kreutz Metaphysics preaches its own brand of abstinence.

You avoid alcohol because it is not conducive to your mental capabilities, and drunkards stink and are unsightly. You also avoid cocaine and meth, even so these drugs can give you a momentary sexual kick.

But soul-building and soul-nurturing is a life-long strategy. It’s not about having cocaine or meth-aided exciting sex a few times, and then to live on with a ruined apparatus to generate orgasmic pleasure.

Effective soul-building and soul-nurturing is about the greatest orgasmic pleasure again and again and again, up to the last day of your life. You can have this only if you guard your health against anything that destroys or undermines it.

This means: no alcohol, no tobacco, no street drugs, wholesome food, good sleep, a well-functioning immune system, a general avoidance of risky endeavors, not overdoing it on sports, a clean environment, and, of course, top-notch hygiene.



Rape has minimal potential to nurture one’s soul. And it’s not because it’s politically or morally correct not to consider rape.

Rape typically happens in a situation that lacks calmness. But a certain degree of calmness is essential for orgasmic energy to flow out of your body and into your soul.

Rape typically happens in a situation of time pressure. Other people may come to the rescue of the victim and lynch the perpetrator.

Furthermore, the victim may have a defence strategy that violently interrupts the rapist and put his life in danger.

And once it’s done, there is urgency to erase traces, and to escape.

A lack of calmness because of fear of external disturbances undermines your capability to prolong orgasmic radiation by just lying still.

While a soul-building rape situation could theoretically be imagined (a situation in which a victim is incapacitated and no punishment would have to be feared), to construct and pursue such situational settings is highly unfeasible in the modern world in which social and political powers penetrate every geographic corner of the world.

No, disciples of Kreutz Metaphysics are extremely unlikely to commit rape, or even just to molest.

And not just that. Disciples of Kreutz Metaphysics are even unlikely to engage in violent crime of any kind. Because violence begets violence, and requires to be on guard, a lifestyle of violent crime lacks in the opportunity to genuinely relax.

But relaxation in orgasm is essential if orgasmic energy is to flow out of one’s body and into one’s soul.


Kreutz Metaphysics and other metaphysics

All metaphysics are based on some assumptions that require belief…​ a feeling of certainty, without ultimate scientific proof. For Kreutz Metaphysics, this is the assumption that engaging in optimal sex generates and develops a human soul that emanates from the physical human existence and persists beyond the physical lifespan.

Wilhelm Reich has formulated a vaguely similar concept, but with science only in mind, and no religious inclinations.

There obviously is not much experimental proof for this perception, though scientific multiverse theory does make it plausible.

But mind you: other metaphysics are by far less scientific than Kreutz Metaphysics. As a matter of fact, if, as a scientifically-oriented mind, you study in detail what other metaphysics teach to their followers, you will be astonished about the bare nonsense they hold as dogma. We, at Kreutz Metaphysics, at least make sense.

Metaphysics can be discussed and criticized from various perspectives. One is John Stuart Mill’s utilitarianism, which states that it doesn’t matter whether metaphysics are true or not. It only matters to what extent they are useful in providing happiness, or pleasure, to their believers, now and here.

And in that domain, no other metaphysic can top Kreutz Metaphysics.

No asceticism required. Go and have optimal sexual intercourse. And rest assure that this is in line with Kreutz metaphysics commandments, and that it is, in fact, religious service to secure your immortal soul.


Kreutz Metaphysic and jealousy

Every other metaphysics tells you that jealousy is bad. Most also tell you that sex is bad, an obstruction to salvation, paradise, or Nirvana.

They are all wrong, and Kreutz Metaphysics is right. On sex anyway. And on jealousy, too.

Jealousy is an enormous sexual reservoir. It’s just that so few people can properly handle instrumental jealousy. To be able to deal with, and benefit from jealousy, is part of the scripture of Kreutz Metaphysics.

There are two distinct functions of jealousy. We operate jealousy on ourselves in order to enhance sexual excitement, an endeavor not just for lust but of metaphysical dimension, as it builds our eternal soul.

And we use it on others in order to install jealous love in their hearts. Jealous love, which is the most intense love, the only love which is real passion.

And the tools? For both applications of jealousy, the most appropriate tools are verbal.

To install jealous love, we talk about our sexual past, and about our sexual desires, and how good they were and are. This remains below the threshold at which a sexual partner would feel cheated because anyway, we are not currently involved with somebody else. But jealousy will creep up all the same, and it will evolve into passionate love.

And how do we enhance our own sexual potential? It is the same technique in reverse. Instead of doing the talking, we just listen. Let our partner reveal her past, or her most secret fantasies. Then wait a few days. Our thoughts will circle around what we heard, in endless loops. And usually, even though we know that it is trickery, jealousy will result.


Kreutz Metaphysics provides hope and focus

For believers, and even for those who are just sympathizers, Kreutz Metaphysics gives hope, focus, guidance, goals, and a tremendous amount of energy. It does so if the perspective is the reminder of one’s conventional, physical life, and if the perspective is the existence of one’s soul after a person’s physical death.

For the reminder of one’s physical life, the focus is the desire for optimal sexual experience. Even in the most miserable conditions, illness or incarceration, we fight to stay alive because wee want to experience at least once more, or even just once more, the soul-building bliss of an all-engulfing orgasm.

In difficult times, we are immune to depression because we know what we are living for. We fight along, and we hope along, for never mind how hard life may be, there always is a reason, a good reason indeed, to struggle on. No, not for our children, and certainly not for mankind overall, and not the future of planet earth. Also not in order to please any almighty, who isn’t just invisible but whose existence is unreasonable, much more unreasonable than the concept of a soul generated by orgasmic power.

We struggle on in the most complicated of circumstances because we long for, hope for, work for the best sex of a lifetime.

Adherents to Kreutz Metaphysics never give up.


Kreutz Metaphysics and optimal conditions

Optimal conditions are a narrow band. 90 percent of all conditions are outright shit that terminates our lives, and another 9 percent are barely bearable. The next 0.9 percent are so-so, and if we are extremely lucky, the remaining 0.1 percent are good conditions that can turn into optimal conditions.

We all navigate an endless ocean of idiots, foes, poor health, bad luck, and other shit. We navigate this ocean in search for optimal sex only, small islands in this vast expanses of senselessness, and Kreutz Metaphysics is your spiritual compass that keeps you on course.