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Tongkat ali and athletic performance

One thing I know for sure: tongkat ali is a strong enhancer of athletic performance.

Optimal sexual function is no longer just a matter of the right attitude towards life (a psychological problem). In as much as our ‘modes of production’ (or, in a more narrow sense, our technologies) are evolving, optimal sexual function is becoming an affair of technical know how.

Some time in the future, genetic engineering will assure that we all get the most out of our sex lives. But even at this stage of human history, we are not just powerless bystanders.

Pharmacological intervention can go a long way if we want to improve our sexual function, and there is much more to the chemical arsenal than just phosphodiesterase inhibitor analogues.

On the other hand, as a man beyond midlife, I am fed up with the constant implied requirement that I as a man would have to produce a world-class erection out of the blue in every sexual encounter.

Fact is that the responsibility for an optimal penile-vaginal fit ought to be shared by a man and a woman. It’s not that satisfactory intercourse should only be guaranteed by the man in that he supplies a large organ of optimal rigidity.

The shared responsibility would mean that a woman also takes care so that she doesn’t have a loose, over-lubricated vagina.

As a Western man who has been living in Southeast Asia for decades, I can testify that a lack of rigidity on the part of the man is easily compensated by vaginal tightness of a woman. To be more precise: if a semi-erect man begins inserting his organ into almost virginal vagina, the orgasmic sensation will follow nevertheless, in spite of lacking rigidity. Or, alternatively, because the almost virginal vagina has a tight grip on the semi-erect man, a full erection will develop all by itself.

Now, compare this to a sexual attempt with a woman with a monster hole. Not only will there be no orgasmic stimulus. A full erection will also not happen because the man’s organ is lost in an oversize swamped cavity and feels nothing (except maybe disappointment) – no vaginal grip anyway.

It’s no surprise that vaginal canal reduction surgery has become so popular. It is an, albeit desperate, attempt of women to become able again to satisfy their husbands, or the man a woman wants to become her husband.

However, vaginal reduction surgery has its pitfalls. A scared vagina doesn’t provide the smooth feeling of a naturally tight vagina. And mind you: the vagina of a woman who has undergone vaginal reduction surgery cannot be used for up to a year. Now, this certainly is not conducive to a plan to hold a man by providing him with optimal sexual satisfaction.

Women in the West ought to learn from their sisters in Southeast Asia, where a number of herbs have been used for centuries to reduce vaginal size, such as daun sirih and kayu rapat (the tightness wood).


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